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About Health Beat

Our Story


Health Beat has been owned and run by Jodie Christensen and her family for over 20 years. Jodie is a wealth of knowledge in all areas of health, herbs and dietary advice and has a passion for serving others. 

Jodie strives to make health food accessible and affordable to everyone in the community. She is very customer focused and ensures all her staff are welcoming caring and make every customer feel valued. 

Our store may be small but we are packed to the ceiling full of all the health foods you could imagine. We also source local organic produce direct from farmers and like to ensure they are affordable prices. We want everyone to be empowered to live a healthy sustainable life and are here to support you on your way. 



Whole Foods

Dried Fruits


Nuts & Seeds

Fermented Foods


Quality Vitamins & Supplements

Wide Variety of Loose Teas and Herbs

Organic Produce

Vegan Foods

Health Practitioners


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